How To Start An Online Business Using This Simple 3-Step Done-For-You Training System

The Simple Guide to Leveraging the Internet to Build a Profitable Online Business

Welcome to Ray Kakuda Marketing

Ray Kakuda Marketing provides online, educational training products, coaching, and consulting services to brand new and existing small-to-medium-sized businesses. Our services help companies build an online business from scratch with the goal of generating more leads and sales through the use of Social media and SEO.


Our exclusive coaching and training programs will teach you how to market online. You will learn how to attract leads from all over the world without having to approach friends and family. Through our system, you'll also learn how to reach the right target audience to grow a strong and profitable online business.

Our extensive step-by-step training program will teach you how to build pages and market online through high-tech webinars. Our automated front-end system will allow you to scale up your business and revenue without having to increase your corresponding time commitment. Weekly training webinars, conference calls and one-on-one coaching are available to help you on this journey.

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Our affiliate program will allow you to earn additional commissions by referring members to the training system. Earn revenue to fund and grow your own business and earn while you learn. Create an efficient return-on-investment through our exclusive affiliate program.


Apply cutting-edge marketing techniques learned through our trainings to market high-ticket products. We have taken the time to research thousands of online offers to find the highest-converting that provide the biggest ROI. Add additional high-ticket commissions to your revenue and portfolio by positioning yourself with these optional offers.

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My name is Ray Kakuda. I am the founder of Ray Kakuda Marketing and here's my story:

Climbing the corporate ladder for many years, I eventually found myself in the corner office, making a 6-figure salary, a 5,000 sq ft house on the hill with a garage full of luxury cars. However, I was living an unfulfilled life - working 80+ hours, 7 days a week. I quickly became a part-time father and distant husband.

I knew there was more to life than just working all the time. So I quit! I left my comfortable, corner office and started my own brick-and-mortar businesses. I thought that being my own boss would be the answer to my problems and would be the key to success. I quickly found out that wasn't the answer. The businesses I opened to own, ended up owning me. They became my  ball and chain. The rent, labor, insurance and inventory killed me. I was living in a state of quiet desperation.

But this is what happened next...

One day, when I was browsing Facebook, I happened to click on a link that opened a word to me that I never knew existed.

I met people earning thousands of dollars on the internet. I connected with a few, followed a series of steps, and was able to build an online business that enabled me to sell off my brick-and-mortar businesses. Essentially, I was able to go from a 15-hour work day to a 15-hour work week.

But that's not my only success.

I've found my true inspiration in life by being able to help many people achieve success online as well. My simple 3-Step System has helped many ordinary people start marketing online and generating an income for the very first time in their lives. The internet is a big world with no boundaries. The key is being able to position yourself in the middle of the online trends, which is what my training system helps you accomplish.